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Elevate Your Music.

Achieve Your Vision.

Welcome to Mind Your Music Biz, the premier destination for musicians and labels seeking expert guidance and powerful tools to navigate the ever-evolving music landscape. We offer a symphony of services designed to amplify your voice, maximize your reach, and propel your musical career to new heights.

Unleashing Your Creative Potential

Music Catalog Administration

Transform chaos into clarity with meticulous organization of rights, royalties, and metadata. Let us be the stewards of your musical legacy.

Evergreen Strategies


Plant the seeds of sustainable success. We unlock data-driven revenue streams, guide the creation of evergreen hits, and empower you to build a flourishing musical empire.

Legacy Catalog Support

Breathe new life into your music. Our strategic marketing and licensing expertise will reignite your career and connect your timeless tunes with a modern audience.

Fueling Your Artistic Journey

Label Services

Our comprehensive suite of services, from global reach to targeted marketing, licensing opportunities, and personalized support, empowers you to become a force in the industry.

Marketing & Promotion


Target your audience with laser precision, amplify your voice through strategic campaigns, and watch your fan base soar. We'll help you connect with listeners who truly resonate with your music.

Royalty Collection & Copyright Registration

Secure your financial future and protect your intellectual property. We ensure you receive every penny you deserve and safeguard your creative endeavors.

MYMB Empowers You To

Gain global exposure.


Reach new audiences and maximize your potential income, regardless of location.

Build a lasting legacy.


Secure your intellectual property and ensure your music earns for generations to come.

Ditch the paperwork and legalese.


We navigate the complexities of royalty collection and copyright registration, freeing you to create.

Why Choose MYMB?

Trusted Expertise

Our team of industry veterans possesses a deep understanding of music rights and copyright processes.

Unwavering Support


We're here for you every step of the way, from initial consultation to ongoing royalty tracking and reporting.

Personalized Approach


We tailor our services to your specific needs and goals, ensuring your music receives the protection it deserves.

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