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Breathe new life into your music. Our strategic marketing and licensing expertise will reignite your career and connect your timeless tunes with a modern audience.

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Meet The Team

Ms Janie Jennings

Ms. Janie Jennings boasts a 34-year career dedicated to empowering independent voices, starting in 1989 managing hip-hop and pop record stores across California, Hawaii, and Louisiana. It was in New Orleans that she witnessed the untapped potential of local labels like Cash Money Records, Big Boy Records, Take Fo Records, and No Limit, inspiring her to found Industry Works in 2003. This integrity-driven company offers publishing, sales, and distribution services to independent artists, and has served renowned talents like Twista, Jayo Felony, Waka Flocka, G Herbo, Silkk the Shocker, and labels like Machine Entertainment Group, Mizay Entertainment, and BSM. In 2021, Rainbow PUSH and Reverend Jesse Jackson honored Ms. Jennings with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifelong advocacy for independent artists.

A landmark distribution deal with Universal's Federal Distribution cemented Industry Works' position as a powerhouse in the independent hip-hop scene. But innovation never sleeps for Jennings. In 2013, she launched DJs United, empowering thousands across the globe to spin their magic. Ever vigilant, she pivoted towards rights management and metadata curation, ensuring artists navigate the digital minefield and claim their rightful share. And her dedication transcends Industry Works. Her partnership in Sutton & Jennings, now unlocking "A Trillion Stream" distribution alongside key industry players, opens doors for independent artists worldwide, expanding horizons for their music and voices on the global stage.


Now situated in Las Vegas, Ms. Jennings brings her wealth of experience to clients, and remains passionate about educating artists and labels through workshops, conferences, online support and one-on-one consultations. In an age of endless possibilities for independent artists, Ms. Jennings stands as a guiding force, her expertise paving the way for success in the ever-shifting digital music landscape.

Samantha Juels stands as a boundary breaking force in the music business realm, channeling her expertise into the development of educational programs tailored for independent talent and professionals. Guided by the mentorship of Janie Jennings, Samantha has discovered her passion for constructing systems and programming solutions that enhance efficiency, foster healthier environments, and democratize access to foundational knowledge within various departments. What captivates Samantha about collaborating with creatives is the opportunity to serve as an advocate for their aspirations and vision in environments and discussions where they might not have a direct presence. Simultaneously, she dedicated to championing comprehensive initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of both the talent and their teams.


Embarking on her career journey, Samantha pioneered the role of "Executive Fan," shattering conventional boundaries in the music industry. This innovative position empowered her to leverage her strengths across multiple departments while working with/on the projects of artists that she is genuinely invested in. Her professional trajectory has since been marked by impactful experiences working on the teams of her favorite artists like G Herbo, Waka Flocka, and Yung Bans focusing on touring, branding and fan engagement strategy, and music administration. Samantha has spearheaded influencer marketing campaigns for Rick Ross’ “Wiggle” and Bobby Shmurda’s “Shmoney”, and contributed to production sets alongside K Camp, Spillage Village, and Young Dolph.


Over the past half-decade, Samantha has immersed herself in diverse roles spanning event production, concert operations, celebrity travel management, tour coordination, independent label administration, artist marketing and branding, creative copywriting, artist and label services, music video production, and talent relations. Throughout her journey, she has not only established and overseen three Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliant internship programs but has also conceptualized and launched an eight-week virtual career development initiative. Currently, Samantha is dedicated to formulating a training program focused on mental health and addiction tailored for professionals and talent in the music and sports industries, while pursuing her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling.

Samantha Juels

Mr. Tolbert was born and raised in the southside of Chicago, O.D., a seasoned CEO, embarked on his musical journey from a young age. As he pursued a record deal, he quickly realized that understanding "the business" was paramount for a successful career. This realization led O.D. to take an independent path, where he delved into various facets of the music industry. From interning and serving as a road assistant to delving into video production and internet marketing for independent companies, O.D. wore multiple hats along his journey.


In the dynamic realm of the music industry, O.D. has made it his mission to empower creatives with comprehensive knowledge about the business. Believing that ownership is the key to freedom, he is passionate about equipping creatives with the insights necessary to establish their independence. Working with creatives brings O.D. joy, as he relishes transforming the spark of an idea into tangible reality. For him, the journey is everything, and through that journey, he guides creatives in mastering the intricacies of the business.

Mr. "O.D." Tolbert

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