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Label Services

Orchestrating Your Musical Success

Protecting your Assets and maximizing your ROI.

Global Reach & Distribution

We seamlessly distribute your music across an extensive network, ensuring your creative brilliance reaches every corner of the world.


Impeccable Royalty Collection

Our meticulous systems track and secure every penny you deserve, maximizing your financial return from every note.


Asset Registration & Protection

We safeguard your intellectual property with comprehensive copyright and trademark registrations, building a fortress around your musical legacy.


Strategic Marketing & Promotion

We craft targeted campaigns that connect you with your ideal audience, igniting fan engagement and propelling your brand forward.

Unwavering Support & Guidance

Our dedicated team of music industry veterans offers personalized counsel and unwavering support every step of the way.

Navigating the global music industry requires astute guidance and unwavering expertise. MYMB Label Services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to protect your musical assets, optimize royalty collection, and propel your career to new heights.

Safeguard Your Investment,

Maximize Your Earnings

Your Success isOur Symphony

At MYMB, we believe in the transformative power of music.

Legacy ArtistCatalog Support‍

Music catalog a tangled mess? Royalties a mystery? We hear you.

Give your music a second wind: Breathing new life into your music with promotion and licensing.

Dust off the Hits, Ignite the Charts: Unleash Your Legacy's Second Act

Remember when your music rocked the airwaves? It's not too late to make history repeat itself.


Here's how we turn nostalgia into platinum:

  • Targeted marketing: We find your perfect audience, from streaming platforms to vintage vinyl fans.

  • Lucrative licensing: Turn your tunes into TV, film, and game gold.

  • Modern makeovers: Give your music a fresh shine without losing its soul.


Unleash the hidden power of your music with our expert catalog administration.

Say goodbye to chaos, hello to:

  • Effortless rights management: Keep your music under your control.

  • Crystal-clear royalties: Get paid what you deserve, every time.

  • Discoverable gems: Make your music shine with optimized metadata.

Book a free audit and legacy strategy consultation and discover how we can make your music sing again.

Ready to reclaim your musical throne? 

We will empower you toovercome challenges,capitalize on opportunities,and achieve your musical ambitions.

Evergreen Label &Catalog Strategies

Plant the seeds of success

Building sustainable revenue streams for your music & Cultivate Everlasting Music Revenue

Tired of feast-or-famine music income? It's time to ditch the roller coaster and build a music empire that thrives year after year.

We unveil the secrets of evergreen music revenue strategies, helping you plant seeds that blossom into sustainable income streams.



  • Watching your earnings steadily climb, month after month.

  • Diversifying your income with proven, data-driven strategies.


Our expert guidance covers:

  • Exploiting hidden revenue streams: Sync licensing, merchandise, and more.

  • Mastering the art of evergreen hits: Crafting songs that stand the test of time.

  • Leveraging data for smart decisions: Identifying profitable opportunities.

Download our FREE "Evergreen Music Revenue Guide" and unlock the secrets to sustainable success

Ready to transform your music into a financial oasis?

We are here to help you amplify your voiceand achieve your musical aspirations.

Royalties:Registrations,Collections,and Administration

Secure Your Song.

Amplify Your Earnings.

From Studio to Worldwide Stages, Safeguard Your Legacy and Maximize Your ROI with MYMB's Royalty Collection and Copyright Registration Services.

~MYMB...Your Musical Guardian

As your music transcends borders and captures hearts, ensuring its financial and legal protection becomes paramount. At MYMB, we understand the intricate world of music rights and stand as your unwavering advocate.


Our Expertise:

  • Global Royalty Collection: Our expansive network tracks down every penny you deserve, from streaming platforms to radio airwaves, across the globe. No note goes unheard, no royalty unclaimed.

  • Impregnable Copyright Protection: We guide you through the copyright registration process, securing your intellectual property for generations to come. Your legacy, safeguarded.

  • Expert Analysis & Reporting: We provide clear and insightful reports, so you always know where your money is coming from and how your music is performing. Transparency and peace of mind, guaranteed.

Get a free quote today and discover how MYMB can shield your music, maximize your earnings, and propel your career to new heights.

Focus on Your Music, Let Us Handle the Rest...

Ready to Amplify Your Success?

Allow Us to aid you in your journeyfrom chaos to clarity

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